Laurence Loh

AADIP, RIBA, APAM, LAM, AIPDM, ICOMOS Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong

Senior Partner

Associate Professor Laurence Loh, an architect by profession, has spent the past 26 years protecting, conserving, managing and sustaining the cultural heritage of Malaysia. Trained at the Architectural Association in London, he runs the architectural practices of Laurence Loh Akitek and Arkitek LLA Sdn. Bhd. Laurence’s expertise and contributions in built heritage have been acknowledged nationally and regionally. He was appointed by UNESCO to act as the on-site Assessor for the World Heritage Listing of both Macau as well as Kaiping in China. Laurence is best known for the restoration of the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang that won the inaugural UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2000 as the ‘Most Excellent Project’. This was followed by UNESCO Heritage ‘Award of Merit’ for the restoration of the Cheng Hoon Teng in Malacca. In 2008, his restoration of Stadium Merdeka won the UNESCO ‘Award of Excellence’, whilst Suffolk House in Penang, the only surviving Anglo-Indian Georgian mansion in South-East Asia, was accorded the UNESCO ‘Award of Distinction’. His Lunas Rubber Smokehouse project, a community cum conservation project with schoolchildren was shortlisted for the 2010 Aga Khan Awards. Laurence is also the President of Badan Warisan Malaysia, the Heritage of Malaysia Trust providing advocacy as well as advisory services and skills training within the whole spectrum of cultural heritage conservation. He is presently a director of ThinkCity Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of Khazanah National Berhad, that manages a grants program for the World Heritage Site of George Town, and the Asian Academy for Cultural Heritage Management. In parallel with his professional career path, Laurence also devotes his time to education. He currently teaches at the University of Hong Kong and at the ICOMOS International Centre for the Study of Preservation Restoration of Cultural Property in Rome.


Ong Jin Cheng


Senior Partner

A professional architect of 25 years standing, Jin Cheng was trained at the University of Adelaide in Australia. His area of interest lies in sustainable architecture and he has been involved in the field of green designs and environmental concerns on an international basis. Jin Cheng has been in the forefront of bringing quality to and setting standards in the construction industry; in particular he has extensive with highly demanding industrial and commercial building where delivery time, precision and costs are of paramount importance. He possesses professional capabilities that encompass all architectural consultancy services and he maintains invaluable contacts within the Local Authorities, having served in its Architectural Department. Jin Cheng has in-depth knowledge of statutory procedures, guidelines and policies and is part of a circle of professionals who maintain regular dialogues with Government bodies responsible for formulation and implementation of policies. Jin Cheng has served as Chairman for the Malaysian Institute of Architects (P.A.M. – Northern Chapter) and is a Fellow of the Institute. He also served as President of the Rotary Club of George Town, Penang. Currently, he provides external critiques for the School of Housing, Building & Planning at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang and Universite Technology Malaysia, Johor.


Eric Kang Hoo Chong



After graduation from University College Dublin, Ireland, Eric gained invaluable training in adaptive reuse and modernization of existing heritage buildings and re-planning of office interiors in both Dublin and London. This early experience abroad shaped his professional attitudes and his realization that cultural and social traditions, climate, technology and budgeting must all be given equal weightage when seeking right solutions. Eric joined Arkitek LLA Sdn Bhd in 1995 and is a registered member of Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (Board of Architects) and P.A.M. (Malaysian Institute of Architects). He is experienced in design & implementation of large development projects, ranging from resort towns to waterfront realization and commercial centres as well as hypermarkets, residential projects and interior works.



Foo E Leen

B.Arch(Hons) UTM, M.Sc, B.Eng Politecnico Di Milano

Sr Associate / Studio Manager

E Leen completed her B.Arch(Hons) at UTM before pursuing her M.Sc in Building Engineering at Politecnico Di Milano. During her time abroad, E Leen was actively involved in post-tragedy housing schemes, designing sustainable housing projects under the flagship of Architetto Arturo Montanelli in Milan. Her interest in sustainable design and management has driven her participation in competitions such as the HOLCIM awards.

After joining Arkitek LLA in 2010, E Leen has been involved in both conservation and contemporary projects.. She believes in value added design that is not necessary complex in nature. For each project undertaken, she is in pursuit for design and notions that are responsive not only to climatic and contextual needs but also to the balance of people, culture and place in the built environment.

E Leen enjoys art and photography and has taken part in various independent exhibitions. She is actively promoting a platform for local photographers and artists alike.



Wan Khairulhamiem bin Wan Kamaruzaman

B.Arch UKM

Project Architect (KL Office)

Hamiem’s experiences have proven indispensable in focusing on and dealing with the multitude of complicated requirements for the firm’s current hypermarket commissions and commercial malls. He handles meticulous project issues and diligently strives to achieve the design intent which significantly influences the final implementation of projects.


Safuan Azman

Sc. Arch (Hons) IIUM, Pg. Dip. Arch Oxford School of Architecture

Design + Project Architect

Safuan’s interests in responsible green architecture have been profound and sustained. He has actively sought involvement in sustainable eco-friendly architecture initiatives both in Ranau, Sabah on the island of Borneo as well as in the market town of Machynlleth, Powys in Wales, prior to joining the firm in March 2014. A committed advocate of participative planning, focus group decision making and evolved community architecture, he travelled to India in 2011 to be part of the Post Tsunami Impact Assessment and Evaluation Program in Nagapattinam.  The main aims were focused on materializing and enhancing design for improved transitional shelter.  He is currently involved in conservation works, urban design and regeneration within the World Heritage Site of George Town as well as a wide range of contemporary projects for the firm.


Tan Kae Yunn

B.Arch (Hons) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Design + Project Architect

Fresh, creative and innovative, Kae Yunn joined the design team at LLA as its newest member in July 2015, bringing with her a surge of energetic passion and dynamic input. With her interests in building within the cultural milieu, the Firm’s national and international reputation for conservation and design drew her to become a part of the team. She has always prioritized the highest excellence in all her pursuits, while tempering her approach to aesthetics and design with compassion and a community oriented methodology. Kae Yunn also has valuable working experience in the vibrant environment of a Shanghai architectural firm and LLA looks forward to ample inventive and resourceful contributions from her.


Sean Pee

B.A.(Hons) Univ of Liverpool; MArch Univ of Sheffield; RIBA Part 2, RTPI

Design + Project Architect

Sean returned home to Penang following years of exposure to a global environment where his perceptions and views of architecture and planning were gradually shaped. He decision to complete a Master’s in Architecture, Town & Regional Planning has allowed him to bridge that critical link between the planning dimension and the built form.

He joined LLA in 2016 bringing experience gained from both England as well as Singapore. Sean’s involvement in projects spanning a small community centre to super high-rise condominiums permits him to recognise the importance of every client and to service that client to the best of his capabilities. Sean is able to critically analyse a design need and to explore contemporary ideas. He is able to shape, to strategize and to competently follow through with design solutions and on site innovations.


Daniel Rosien

Dipl.Betriebswirt(FH), B. Sc. Arch (Hons) Taylor’s University

Architectural Designer

Daniel hails from Germany but has been Malaysian-ised over his 15 years of living and working here. Having arrived on our shores as a graduate of business studies he focussed his early career on issues of sustainable development, working with the United Nations Development Programme among others.

Upon his exposure to sustainable development and the realisation that architecture and planning offer at least the potential of overcoming developmental issues and improving the utilization of shared resources, Daniel took up his studies in Architecture at Taylor’s University in Malaysia. During that time he complemented his learning with hands-on experience through the EPIC Collaborative, where he was involved in participatory planning and the co-design of modular housing for and with the Orang Asli community. Daniel led a collaborative workforce consisting of volunteers and community members to achieve the realisation of more than 10 of these houses for the community.

Daniel joined the LLA team in 2017 bringing with him both the vision as well as the experience of cross disciplinary and cross cultural approaches to urban design and planning. He has since been involved in a wide range of work including mixed developments, contemporary design, architectural competitions and publications and conservation related projects.


Siti Nurliyana Shariff

Dip.Arch UTMKL , B.SC. Arch UTM , M. Arch UTM

Architectural Assistant

LLA was fortunate to welcome Liyana to the design team in 2017 when she graduated with a Master’s in Architecture from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Her enthusiasm and her proficiency in exploring the latest architectural cutting edge software (Revit) for developing design strategies and construction possibilities have made her an invaluable part of a growing design team. The Firm remains committed to continuously exploring new approaches to planning, design and construction realization in an evolving architectural world. Currently, Liyana is utilizing her skills across a wide mix of projects from mixed development to residential and commercial projects.


Looi Chee Leong

Senior CAD Technical Personnel

Looi has been the mainstay of the CAD department for more than 2 decades. He has honed his skills to form the backbone of contemporary, state-of-the-art approaches to architectural drafting so that the firm continues to be able to offer the latest in detailing and site solutions.

Genial and blessed with tongue-in-cheek humour, Looi has been a pivotal point of office social dynamics and is held in high esteem in the firm.


Terence Toh

Multi-media Coordinator &  Lead Visualiser

Terence plays a key role in the increasing use of multimedia in the profession. His perceptive and finely honed skills in computer rendering and visualization as well as his astute and enthusiastic knowledge of all things in the cyber world makes him of irreplaceable value in the firm and to the client. Of even greater significance is that for the last 19 years, Terence has been central to the growth of the firm, allowing it to stay relevant to changing technologies.

Terence also enhances his creativity by engaging in professional photography in his after-office pursuits.



Loh-Lim Lin Lee

BSc, MPhil London School of Economics

Heritage Consultant, Historical & Social Researcher

After 7 years as a lecturer in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Lin Lee had a mid-life career change to the field of historic conservation and has served with the firm since its inception, cutting her teeth with the restoration of the famed Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. She serves as a UNESCO consultant, is a member of ICOMOS (International Council of Monuments & Sites) and is a Duncan Sandys-PATA Scholar for the Conservation Foundation of Britain. In the Firm she works on conservation projects, research, reports and assessments to the Local Authorities. As a trainer for guides and a senior council member of the Penang Heritage Trust and having worked successfully with the State Government for the listing of George Town as a World Heritage Site, Lin Lee is able to offer clients in-depth views and advice for conservation projects.


Cheah Syn Teong

Senior Technician and Restoration Specialist

The ‘pillar’, the ‘backbone’, the ‘mainstay’ of the Firm, Cheah has been all those and more since Day 1. Revered for his traditional hand-drawn detailing, his speed and accuracy and his unwavering commitment and dedication to the Firm, Cheah is fully pledged to ensure exceptional work standards and prompt delivery. Unassuming and generous to a fault, Cheah’s old-fashioned Penang-style ensures we all stay grounded and are not swept away by nondescript and non-caring modernity.


Vivien Moey

Chief of Administration & HR Manager

Bringing her years of hard gained experience and corporate know-how into the Firm, Vivien ensures efficiency and orderliness in the Firm. Her presence has ensured a resilient and ordered organization and structure, something that is often found to be lacking in the profession of architecture with all its high flying creativity and inventiveness.


Ong Joon Kwong

Chief Liaison Executive

Ong is another founding member of staff who has found his niche in resolving and working through the highly complex intricacies and convolutions of the Local Authorities. He remains the definitive authority in the Firm on understanding approvals and advising clients on how best to manoeuver their way through the minefield of requirements.

Ong has managed to retain his humour despite the frustrations of his work and is an integral part of the social dynamics of LLA.


Ramon Tan

Site Manager

With his 20 years of experience on site, Ramon ensures that working drawings are understood and complied with, that corners are not cut and short cuts are not taken. He has developed an enviable skill of dealing with workmen and contractors that results in contracts being completed on time and budgets being maintained. Clients can feel confident that Ramon’s technical knowledge of the craft of building and his experience in the areas of site problem solving will elevate many of the anxieties of project management and completion. Ramon’s familiarity with the range and scope of materials and technologies means that advice provided to the Client will be succinct and suitable. His sparkle and extroverted personality ensure that the Firm’s team stay in good spirits when Ramon is around.




Our team in Arkitek LLA consists of a variety of individuals including designers, project managers, CAD personnel, administrative staff and consultants, whose expertise and experience contribute to the whole design/construction process and delivering an exceptional level of service to our valued clients.